Kudos to our fabulous client, Blink Identity, who recently raised $1.5M in a seed round, with Sinai Ventures, Live Nation, and Techstars participating, as they leverage our military grade facial recognition/Ai model into the live event and identity security space.

This raise, together with their partnership with Ticketmaster, will allow their team to run early pilot programs in many different venues, refining the product to align with their vision for a frictionless customer experience.

"Blink is revolutionary. Currently, commercial biometrics are almost nonexistent -- primarily because other systems are high-friction, difficult to use, and inaccurate and vague about privacy/data protections," said Mary Haskett, founder and CEO. "Our unique experience at large-scale/in-motion identity, combined with our focus on usability and privacy, will allow us to lead adoption in the commercial sector as well as open up new markets."

We'll keep you posted as Blink launches pilot projects at live events around the country.

Congratulations, Mary and Dr. Kilpatrick! 

Blink Identity Debuts, Signs Deal with Live Nation

Strategis client Blink Identity completes its stint at Techstars LA, and immediately signs a development deal with the world's largest entertainment company, Live Nation/Ticketmaster.

In February this year, Blink Identity was accepted into the Techstars Music accelerator 2018 cohort, snagging a $100,000 investment in the process. The company's founders spent 13 weeks at the Techstars Los Angeles incubator, immersing in exploration and mentoring from music, media, tech and venture capital executives. The initiative, which launched in early 2017, has invested over $2.5 million in more than 20 music-tech companies to date.

Blink creates high speed throughput facial recognition, providing access control as a service for the live event and other industries. Stay tuned for more updates on this high growth company as they expand and launch their go to market plans with their revolutionary biometric technology model.

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Trash that PPT and start over ... with pictures.

For YEARS we've been saying to clients, "there are way, way, way too many words in your presentation." Show, don't tell - and for goodness sakes, don't make your audience read a whole paragraph (Hint: they just won't do it.) 

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently announced at the company's 2017 developers conference that Google is "rethinking all our products" as it moves from a mobile-first world to an "A.I.-first" one. His presentation also reflected a rethinking of traditional presentation style.

Two big (but maybe not so revolutionary) takeaways here: 

  • Visual storytelling is huge in getting your messages across. Uncluttered slides with lots of white space and a knock 'em dead visual is key.
  • Contrary to popular mom belief, your brain is really not that great at multi-tasking. Focus on that one point you want to make to your audience in simple, bare minimum copy points. The average PowerPoint slide contains 40 words. For your next presentation, shoot for 40 total. (We know, we know - that's a lot to ask.]

For help with your next show-don't-tell presentation, contact us here. Or share some ways you've conquered the text heavy, dull PPT. 

More about Google's storytelling here

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HID Approve™ two-factor system now supports Apple's iPhone X Face ID

Great news this week from TGC client, HID Global. HID, the world’s foremost tech security company (with North American headquarters in Austin, TX) announced that they have connected their technology with the facial recognition aspects of the iPhone. The company expects facial recognition to play an increasingly important role in its authentication offering, combined with threat and fraud detection.

Our work with HID included advertising forensics, digital lead generation strategy, public and media relations, event production, and community building.

Congrats on this terrific milestone, and we look forward to the next big thing from HID.

HID Global powers the trusted identities of the world’s people, places and things. Millions of people around the world use HID products and services to navigate their everyday lives, and over 2 billion things are connected through HID technology.

For more information on the news, see company press release here

TGC Joins Brand Building Panel at Boulder Startup Week

Join our own Angela Fulcher at Boulder Startup Week discussing brand building for startups - how to find your "WHY" to create a more resonant brand.  Panel includes Kyle Bardouche, Kelly Stone Geer, Mike Sitrin, and Chad Walker.

This informative session will cover: 

  • Define what we mean by “finding your WHY”

  • Diagnose what’s missing in your current brand of “how” and the critical elements to watch out for  

  • Demonstrate the business impact of finding your WHY with real world case studies

  • Deliver actionable takeaways and processes to uncover your “WHY” as soon as you leave.

    For more info, check out all of Boulder Startup Week's events here