HID Approve™ two-factor system now supports Apple's iPhone X Face ID

Great news this week from TGC client, HID Global. HID, the world’s foremost tech security company (with North American headquarters in Austin, TX) announced that they have connected their technology with the facial recognition aspects of the iPhone. The company expects facial recognition to play an increasingly important role in its authentication offering, combined with threat and fraud detection.

Our work with HID included advertising forensics, digital lead generation strategy, public and media relations, event production, and community building.

Congrats on this terrific milestone, and we look forward to the next big thing from HID.

HID Global powers the trusted identities of the world’s people, places and things. Millions of people around the world use HID products and services to navigate their everyday lives, and over 2 billion things are connected through HID technology.

For more information on the news, see company press release here