Trash that PPT and start over ... with pictures.

For YEARS we've been saying to clients, "there are way, way, way too many words in your presentation." Show, don't tell - and for goodness sakes, don't make your audience read a whole paragraph (Hint: they just won't do it.) 

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently announced at the company's 2017 developers conference that Google is "rethinking all our products" as it moves from a mobile-first world to an "A.I.-first" one. His presentation also reflected a rethinking of traditional presentation style.

Two big (but maybe not so revolutionary) takeaways here: 

  • Visual storytelling is huge in getting your messages across. Uncluttered slides with lots of white space and a knock 'em dead visual is key.
  • Contrary to popular mom belief, your brain is really not that great at multi-tasking. Focus on that one point you want to make to your audience in simple, bare minimum copy points. The average PowerPoint slide contains 40 words. For your next presentation, shoot for 40 total. (We know, we know - that's a lot to ask.]

For help with your next show-don't-tell presentation, contact us here. Or share some ways you've conquered the text heavy, dull PPT. 

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