Brand Champions

So yes, major kudos are due for Shaun White, who not only rocked the final run yesterday to take the gold, but also apparently has stayed genuine and not affected by fame and fortune (for which he most certainly deserves some sort of medal.) Not to mention he shook off that nasty fall that would have scared most of us far, far away from any halfpipe ever again. 

Watching the event as a brand geek, I loved the use of the very large, can't take your eyes off it, brand logo/name on the bottom of each board. So simple and yet so clever. Not some tiny little fancy logo, but B U R T O N.   N I T R O.   
S A L O M O N.   Boom.

Where could you put your brand that would be basically an "a-ha" position? Is there some place obviously that you are missing? Is your logo/brand name simple and legible in all uses? Are you using promotional swag that people actually use again and display to others (uh, brand awareness) - tote bag, water bottle, T-shirt (a cool one that people will actually wear, not the one we tear up and use as a car rag) ?

Seeing those brand name champions flying down the hill got me to thinking about that elusive but powerful space of ours, and hopefully it will you, too. Where's that "duh" place that your brand can call its own and resonate? Send us your great uses of brand names, and we'll publish them in our #TGCbrand Hall of Fame. 

Photo credit: Gregory Bull, Associated Press