Kudos to our fabulous client, Blink Identity, who recently raised $1.5M in a seed round, with Sinai Ventures, Live Nation, and Techstars participating, as they leverage our military grade facial recognition/Ai model into the live event and identity security space.

This raise, together with their partnership with Ticketmaster, will allow their team to run early pilot programs in many different venues, refining the product to align with their vision for a frictionless customer experience.

"Blink is revolutionary. Currently, commercial biometrics are almost nonexistent -- primarily because other systems are high-friction, difficult to use, and inaccurate and vague about privacy/data protections," said Mary Haskett, founder and CEO. "Our unique experience at large-scale/in-motion identity, combined with our focus on usability and privacy, will allow us to lead adoption in the commercial sector as well as open up new markets."

We'll keep you posted as Blink launches pilot projects at live events around the country.

Congratulations, Mary and Dr. Kilpatrick!